Physical and Operational Security

Strongpoint’s Physical Security Survey evaluates all aspects of an enterprise’s physical security from the outsider’s viewpoint.   The security survey that we will perform will be adapted to the customer’s unique situation and requirements.   Although every customer will have a different situation and requirements, a typical survey examines the following:

  • The nature of the business – what should be protected and why?
  • Threats applicable to the enterprise
  • History of security issues at the site
  • Physical and operational vulnerabilities
  • Existing security situation, plans and countermeasures, including, but not limited to:
    • Site layout and construction
    • Access control – locks, doors, barriers, staff identification
    • Intrusion detection
    • CCTV and related surveillance technologies
    • Fire alarms and fire safety procedures
    • Mailroom and delivery procedures
    • Secure storage of valuable property
    • Type, number, location, training, and role of existing security personnel
    • Physical security information systems and information management
    • Operational security posture
    • Security policies, such as:
      • General security policy
      • Visitor control procedures
      • Employee awareness
        • Management
        • General staff
        • Security personnel
    • Emergency procedures
    • Travel security

Our process:

Strongpoint’s basic security assessment survey normally takes 1 to 3 days per site, based on the size of the enterprise.  Unusual or complex situations may require a longer period.

In order for this to be a useful and productive process, we shall require a good degree of collaboration with the customer.  Under most normal circumstances, customers can expect an assessment to include:

  • Initial Interview:  What is the type and nature of the business?  Who and what is being protected?  What are the client’s expectations?  This step will normally take the form of an email or telephone conversation.
  • Review of Existing Plans and Procedures: A review of existing documentation is vital.  We will provide a better assessment if we receive this documentation in advance of any site visits or staff interviews.
  • Facility Tour: Strongpoint shall need a detailed walk-through of the facility.   We get the most value from this exercise if it is performed with the site’s security manager or someone of a similar level of responsibility.
  • Field Observation: Strongpoint will observe and examine the implementation of existing plans and procedures.
  • Staff Interviews: It is important that Strongpoint has access to employees and will need to ask questions about security matters.
  • Report / Presentation of Findings: Our deliverable product will be a detailed survey containing our findings and recommendations.   This will generally take the form of a written report and a presentation to the customer