CBRN Training

Training and Exercising for CBRN Incidents

Effective 1st of February 2015, Strongpoint Security is now operating as part of the International Rescue and CBRN Platform consortium, which is a partnership of several different companies in CBRN and HAZMAT training and operations.



Why Dan Kaszeta and Strongpoint for CBRN Training?

  • 24 years experience across most fields of CBRN and Hazmat, including 12 years experience in CBRN issues at the White House in Washington, DC
  • Expertise that spans military, police, fire service, medical, and industry sectors
  • Briefed and/or trained over 1,000 people, from 18 year old soldiers to US Cabinet Secretaries.
  • Member and Team Leader in the US Secret Service’s HAMMER Team
  • Developed and executed training courses that varied in length from 10 minutes to two weeks.
  • Honor Graduate, US Army Chemical School
  • Founding member of the 32d Civil Support Team in the Maryland National Guard
  • First civil servant CBRN program manager at the White House Military Office.
  • Awarded the Secretary of Defense Exceptional Civilian Service Medal