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My column in the Guardian

It’s clear that Turkey was not involved in the chemical attack on Syria (22 April 2014) with Eliot Higgins (‘Brown Moses’)

Cicero Magazine

The Chemical Fingerprint of Assad’s War Crimes (July 2014)

My opinion columns on Bloomberg View:

We’re Not Prepared to Police Chemical Weapons (26 September 2013)

No, You Can’t Make Sarin in Your Kitchen (10 October 2013)

Send Syria’s Chemical Arms to Albania (10 November 2013)


Articles in NOW Lebanon:

Was Arafat Really Poisoned (11 November 2013)

Why Seymour Hersh has it wrong this time (10 December 2013)

Hersh and the Red Herring (8 April 2013)

Does Sarin cause Birth Defects? (28 May 2014)


Article in The Interpreter

If Ukraine Disintegrates will it be a Divorce or and Explosion (December 2013)



Wikistrat Ask a Senior Analyst (May 2013)


Dan Kaszeta’s articles in CBRNe World magazine are available on their website:

Autumn 2011

February 2012

April 2012

June 2012

August 2012

October 2013

Hazmat Responder World:    Autumn 2012

Chemical Biological and Nuclear Warfare magazine – Interview with the Director of Spiez Laboratory, January 2013

Mr. Kaszeta’s 2012 paper at CBMTS IX, in Spiez, Switzerland is available here.

Some businessmen have their “Jerry Maguire” moment.  Strongpoint’s founder had his in Croatia, so here it is…..Dan Kaszeta’s paper presented at the CBMTS 2011 Symposium in Cavat, Croatia. THE ECONOMICS OF CHEMICAL DETECTION.  Needless to say, Dan stopped selling chemical detectors not long after this paper was presented.

Mr. Kaszeta’s 2010 CBMTS paper, at the ABC Zentrum in Spiez, Switzerland was on Radiation Detection in the Urban Environment is also available for download here: D Kaszeta CBMTS 2010 Lessons Learned

Dan’s first CBMTS paper was in Cavtat, Croatia in 2009, and was on the subject of VIP Protection from CBRN threats:  D Kaszeta 2009 CBMTS paper

Mr. Kaszeta’s 2001 paper on bioterrorism, co authored with Dr. Bill Bograkos, the commando osteopath, is available for download here

Dan’s oldest (and most footnoted on Wikipedia) is available online at Lituanus.