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The Guardian



It’s clear that Turkey was not involved in the chemical attack on Syria (link)

(co-authored with Eliot Higgins)


Politics.co.uk (all 2018)


Myth busting: Why Didn’t the Skripals die on the spot? (link)

How to dismantle Assad’s Chemical Weapons (link)

This is how Putin kneecapped the UN Security Council (link)

Everything you need to now about Ricin (link)



BBC News Online (all 2017)


Syria Conflict: The Spectre of Nerve Agents Again (link)

Syria chemical attack: What can forensics tell us (link)


CBRNe World Magazine



How much is that detector in the window? (link)



From fish soup to an aquarium, and back again (link)

DUI – Detecting und Identifying (link)

When you believe (link)
Carry on or checked bags (link)


Managing the deficit (link)



Threats, risks, fears, opportunities (link)



Mine eyes have seen the glory (link)


NOW Lebanon



Why Seymour Hersh has it wrong this time (link)



Hersh and the Red Herring (link)

Was Arafat really poisoned? (link)

Does Sarin cause birth defects (link)



Bloomberg View (all 2013)


(now pay-walled)


Integrity Initiative (all 2018)


How could Novichok have poisoned people four months after the Skripal Attack?



Yes, you can be poisoned by Novichok and survive (link)


Demolishing the Kremlin’s absurd theories about Novichok and Porton Down (link)


All the Buzz about BZ (link)



Cicero Magazine (security and military affairs site)

Various articles in 2014 and 2015 (link here)


PRISM (Journal of the National Defense University) [peer reviewed]


(2018) The Forensic Challenge (link)


Journal of Terrorism and Cyber Insurance [peer reviewed]


(2016) Decontamination of Buildings after Anthrax Attack (link)

(2017) Protecting against chemical and biological risks to office buildings (link)



Radio Appearances:


Public Radio International: The World (2013) (link)

BBC Radio 4: Phosphorous (2018) (link)