Security Consulting


Strongpoint can provide both general and specialized consultation and advice in many fields of corporate security.  We specialize in physical and operational security, but we also work with a network of partners to provide additional services if necessary.

Our services include:

Physical Security Diagnostics

Security Planning and Project Management

Travel Security

Strongpoint’s Philosophy:


We strive to be consistent with normally accepted professional practices in physical security.  Our exact methodology is proprietary and based on our diverse training and many years of experience, but our approach is grounded in a variety of accepted standards.  As a member of ASIS, the global professional association for the security industry, Strongpoint uses as a basis that organization’s guidelines on General Security Risk Assessment (ASIS GLCO 01 012003) and Facilities Physical Security Measures (ASIS GDL FPSM-2009).  We are a neutral assessor.  We do not serve as a sales agent, distributor, or representative of any physical security hardware, software, or manned guarding vendor.     We also take data protection and confidentiality seriously.   We will, as a matter of policy, sign any reasonable non-disclosure agreement.