We have found the following links to be useful, interesting, or diverting:

Brown Moses Blog:  A very useful and interesting blog on the Syrian conflict, with exhaustive and highly refined coverage.  A true gem on the web.

CBRN Resources:

CBRNE-Terrorism Newsletter –  This is a very thorough newsletter, run by my friend Brig. Gen. (ret.) Galatas.   Please support him by reading his newsletter, as he puts a lot of effort into it.

CBRNe World – A very useful magazine, even if it occasionally allows me to write an article for it.

HazmatResponderWorld – Our second most favorite magazine, brought to you by the same lovely people that publish CBRNe World

Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Defense – Edited by our friend and colleague Dr. Barbara Price

World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine – Our friend Dr. William Bograkos is on the board of directors


Business Resources:

A few business resources that we have become accustomed to using:

UK Federation of Small Businesses – An excellent group that provides great support to UK-based small businesses.

ASIS International – The world-wide trade association for the security profession.  We support our local chapter number 208.

The British Library’s Business and IP Centre – Very useful for all kinds of research


We have traveled far and wide, and we have many useful contacts all over the world.  Some people and organizations that have been friendly to me include:


Offbeat eats – because even the most hardened security man needs a bite to eat every now and then


 Zaštita Magazine


Cristanini – World-class providers of decontamination technology








CA Monitor


Spiez Laboratory