Security Planning and Project Management

Strongpoint’s first and foremost offering in physical security is our benchmark Physical Security Diagnostic Service, which will give the client an accurate picture of their current physical security posture.  However, some clients require specialized services or may be in the process of reviewing and modifying their security situation.  Strongpoint can provide several types of additional services:

Preparation of a Security Plan:  In many situations, existing security plans will be obsolete.  Perhaps they were written by people no longer with the organization, or make reference to business processes and technology that are not in use any longer.  Maybe the organization has moved to different premises.  Some enterprises have no written security plan at all.  Whatever the circumstance, Strongpoint can work with clients to revise a security plan, or to develop a compliant, flexible, and understandable security plan from the very beginning.

Support to Project Management:  Enterprises often construct, lease, or purchase new facilities, renovate their existing facilities, or retrofit new security technology into a facility.  It is always cheaper and easier to integrate physical security considerations into such a process when it is done at the earliest possible stage.  Every project is unique, but Strongpoint can help with the following:

  • Definition of requirements:  What is it that you are actually trying to protect with your security plan?  Strongpoint can assist clients in clarifying their objectives and requirements.
  • Development of specifications:  Implementation of physical security measures will rely very heavily on providing detailed specifications to contractors and vendors.   If not done properly, unnecessary costs and delays may occur.
  • Consideration of countermeasures:  Any active or passive security measure, whether it is a lock, a camera, or a security guard, is a countermeasure.  Strongpoint can assist clients with reviewing and considering the entire spectrum of available security countermeasures for implementation in their facility.
  • Assistance with technology selection: There are thousands of products and vendors.  Making sense of the available options can be difficult, and that difficulty will be compounded by aggressive sales and marketing by security hardware, software, and service vendors.  Strongpoint can help clients make sense of the available offerings.  As we are not a distributor or representative agent of any physical security vendors, we can provide this assistance in a neutral manner.

Post-Incident Response:  It is an unfortunate axiom in the security industry that incidents and “near misses” are often the catalyst for change.  Security incidents do occur.  Management wants to make sure that the problem gets fixed.  Strongpoint can provide a focused review of plans, procedures, and security technology after an incident, with a view towards rapid improvements.