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2017 Idlib Incident

The French government’s report (English Version) on Sarin use in Syria. Two documents:

French document 1_ 26 April 2017

French Document 2_27 Apr 2017

My papers on the 8/21 Syrian incidents


(October 2014) Is it Mustard or Not Guidelines for assessing claimed use of the Mustard family of Blister Agents.

Reference material on old chemical munitions, including chlorine munitions and projectiles: Old Chemical Weapons Reference Document


2 April 2014: Why Nigel Farage has it all wrong:

Why Farage Has it All Wrong : Smoking Guns, Hexamine, and Syrian Sarin


For proper context, please read these in chronological order. That way you can understand how my thinking has evolved as new information has come to light.

(22 Aug 2013, rev 9 Sep 2013) My FAQ about Sarin, with some additional information and minor revisions:  Q&A regarding Sarin
(23 Aug, rev 26 Aug) My paper on my observations about what did or did not happen: Revised Thoughts on Damascus

(28 Aug) A background paper on evidence collection and chemical warfare forensics is here: Kaszeta CW Forensics

(4 Sep) My most recent thoughts and theories about the incidents are in this document:D Kaszeta Additional Thoughts

(19 Sep) My observations and comments on the recently released UN report. D Kaszeta Comments on UN Report

(26 Sep) Evidently,my previous document raised many questions.  I have further clarified my conclusions and opinions in this document.  This document was published on 25  September and revised on 26 September to fix a few typographic errors and to incorporate information on chemicals found by the UN team.  FAQ on D Kaszeta comments on UN Report Rev1

(5 November) Reply to the article by Mr. Denis O’Brien Kaszeta reply to OBrien document

(6 November 2013)  Why “low quality Sarin” isn’t a good enough reason to doubt the regime’s culpability  Sarin Quality and Quantity (6 November)

(December 2013) Initial observations and comments on the 12 December UN/OPCW Final Report:

Initial Observations on 12 Dec UN report

Background paper on Binary Sarin

Information on Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals

The US Army’s Field Manual on Chemical Warfare Agents is here fm3-11-9

A list of the US government’s Toxic Industrial Chemicals of concern is here

Good US government paper on Toxic Industrial Chemicals

At least one commentator has noted that numerous tanneries were located in the area of Damascus where the incident(s) occurred.  A list of chemicals used in tanning is here

Medical Information

Perhaps the world’s best Medical Reference for treatment of chemical casualties, courtesy of the US Army’s Borden Institute.

NEW: Anyone considering doing lab tests for pathology of chemical warfare exposure should read Chapter 22 of Medical Aspects of Chemical Warfare, Chapter 22 MACW

This is the US Army’s Manual for Field Management of Chemical Casualties 3rd Edition

US CDC Description of Signs/Symptoms of Nerve Agent Poisoning

An interesting study on accidental administration of nerve agent antidotes